What Muslin Background is Perfect For You
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Which Muslin Background is Perfect For You?

Muslin’s numerous advantages are well known among creative professionals. That’s why it is regularly utilized as a background in commercial photo sessions and theaters. Muslin’s popularity makes it undesirable to certain innovative professionals.

However, it is not the ideal pick for a show-stealing backdrop because it is mainly considered a typical day-to-day backdrop among professionals.

This begs the question:

What Type of Muslin Background Is Right for You?

What Type of Muslin Background Is Right for You

There’s no one-line answer for this as different Muslin backgrounds are used for different purposes according to their properties. So, you’ll need to know the various types of Muslins available in the market and decide which one you want according to your requirement.

To save you the hassle, we’ve provided a detailed description of the most popular Muslin backgrounds in the market so that you can decide which one is the right fit for you.

What Are The Different Backgrounds?

What Are The Different Backgrounds

What Are Solid Coloured Muslin Backgrounds?

Solid colored muslin backgrounds have the same color all over the fabric. They seem to be the right choice for business portraits and basic headshots. The muslin cloth absorbs light nicely, creating a clean background. For typical headshots, white or gray backdrops are preferred, while grey and black backdrops are favored for business headshots. The backgrounds are not distracting the subject and give the impression of consistency.

What Are Crushed and Washed Muslin Backgrounds?

Crushed Muslin backdrops are colored and crushed to produce subtle color changes, resulting in a characteristic uneven look resembling clouds, steam, or sunshine beaming through leaves.  

They are best suited for still photography and videos. The crinkled or uneven pattern elevates the feeling of the photograph. Washed muslin backdrops are dyed and washed for a mild blended effect while retaining brilliant colors and great depth.

What Are Hand-Painted Muslin Backgrounds?

Hand-painted movie backgrounds, also defined as backings, appear peculiar to the point of a joke in an era of jaw-dropping VFX delusion. However, they enabled several settings in the cinema which are well renowned, for example, Munchkinland in The Wizard of Oz and Mount Rushmore in North by Northwest. Furthermore, till now, they are a necessary facility for many filmmakers.

Hand-painted muslin backgrounds are sometimes custom painted according to the buyer’s requirement. Some may also have several layers of paint over them to display the various tones of one color.

What Is Pro Cloth Muslin Background?

The Pro Cloth Muslin Background is a heavier, thick type of cloth ideal for large product photography or rough site photos where the photographer can rely on the background to last. Pro Cloth is great for circumstances when you must ensure that your backdrop will be tidy, lint-free, and long-lasting throughout the session. These muslins give your subjects a dramatic look and go nicely with colored gels.

Why Do Professional Photographers Prefer Muslin over Other Material?

Why Do Professional Photographers Prefer Muslin over Other Material

Muslin backgrounds manage light well, can be readily customized with various color techniques, and are easy to clean and maintain with steam or hot water and a mild detergent. This sort of photo background is quite intriguing to many photographers, and the reason is apparent.

Muslin backdrops are durable. They can endure typical wear and tear; therefore, your backdrop will appear as good as new, even after you have used it multiple times. And if someone steps on it by accident while working, no issue. You can’t say that about most other materials in the market.

Muslin is a non-reflective material. Therefore, the camera flash won’t bounce back and disturb the models.

Muslin is not very thick, yet its thickness is enough to prevent light from passing through it. It is another reason why muslin is so popular among photographers and stage designers. Photographers may use their cameras’ flashes without the concern of catching what is hiding at the back of the backdrop.

Furthermore, it is a quick absorbent material. If you accidentally spill something over it, it will dry rapidly, and if there’s a stain left behind, you can wash it in a machine without damaging the fabric.

Looking at the price of the muslin in the market, you may think that it is costly. But if you think about it, muslin lasts longer and is very convenient to handle during the shoots compared to other background options. So, it is definitely worth the price you are paying.  


Many kinds of muslins are suitable for various jobs. You can pick the right type by considering which is best for your needs. For example, solid color backdrops are ideal for headshots, and business portraits, crushed muslin, uneven patterns over the cloth, are perfect for still photography and videos. 

Pro Cloth is best suited for shoots at rugged locations, where the photographer needs to rely on the backdrop till the end of the shoot. Furthermore, hand-paints are recommended for custom designs.

Find out if muslin is suitable for backdrops.



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