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What is photography?

If you’re a photographer, one thing that might often spark your curiosity is this big question ‘what exactly is photography?‘. The response to this complex question can be different for different people. This article will try to give an accurate and precise answer to that, drawing you one step closer to the art that we call photography.

What is the definition of photography?

What is the definition of photography

Wikipedia defines photography as an art, application, and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of light-sensitive material such as photographic film’.

Photography has become more of a lifestyle now. Your camera and lens are just the tools to capture the light and transform it into an editable form. Yes, some of that gear is quite impressive, but it’s not what gives a photographer the ability to get amazing shots. 

Photography is all about you and how you see the world. It’s about what you want to say regardless of your subject matter. It’s about slowing down your hectic day and stepping into a calm meditative state. It’s about looking at the world and actually seeing it.

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What is the purpose of photography?

The purpose of photography is not just capturing images that help remember the past. It is one thing that connects us all across the globe. Photography has become a new way of thinking and looking

You can capture angles of the world and stories by freezing time. You can show the world via your lens and your perspective. The creation of these images has been a vehicle of information in our lives. 

Photography has the power to inspire you to live new adventures. It’s easy to lose contact with the outdoors and nature in today’s technological world. You can use photography as an excuse to escape your daily routine and to reconnect with yourself.  

If you embrace photography as a lifestyle, you’ll get much more pleasure out of your day. When you look at an image of a garden or a street scene, you will see the light and shadow. Photography brings people the ability to appreciate textures, colors, and hues. In short, you’ll be much more aware of your surroundings and live a fuller life because of it.

Is photography an art?

Is photography an art

Before delving deep into whether photography is an art, we need to define art. Art is basically a unique expression of creative or imaginative talent by human beings. Technically, photography is more of a science than it is art. Even the definition available online has more to do with its technical aspect. 

However, photography is an art in its most valid form. Photographers express their views via photographs without any sort of communication. The audience perceives these imaginations in a certain way, making it art. Saying that photography isn’t art is the same as saying the painter who paints on oil on canvas is not an artist. 

The medium used does not matter as long as there is an expression of perspective. The choice of light, the selection of shadow, the choice of location, and the choice of framing are on the outset technical, but these same choices collectively make a picture an art. Creating something from nothing is art. And so, an image in its proper form is art.

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Photography on the Internet

The history of photography and the Internet goes back to 1991 when the first official photograph was uploaded. The DSLRs, however, played a crucial role in shaping photography as an industry. People could directly upload photos on the Internet without having to scan them. And since then, trillions of pictures have been uploaded on the Internet. 

Interestingly, there are a lot of open-source projects that allow amateur photographers to use professional image editing software for free. This software takes the raw image of a DSLR and effectively turn it into a professionally edited image

The Internet has created a space for almost everyone, from amateur photographers to professional ones. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat has opened floodgates of opportunities. Some people earn their living through the images that they upload. 

However, the downside to the Internet and digital photography is that the mass amount of amateurs uploading photos has dampened the amount of money a professional photographer can make. 

Additionally, the problem with internet photography is that it is a blind leading the blind. For instance, people make videos of being a commercial photographer when they have never done that. So, with the Internet, you have to take everything with a pinch of salt and avoid hanging on to other peoples words.

What is NFT photography?

What is NFT photography

NFT’s have provided enormous opportunities for digital artists, including photographers, to sell their artwork/images. Previously, photographers had to rely on selling physical prints of digital photos. But now, it is possible to sell the digital image itself to collectors. There’s a lot of NFT artwork changing hands right now. And some of it is selling for incredible prices, including a recent digital piece that was sold for 69 million dollars

NFT itself stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. Fungibility means interchangeability. One ounce of gold is just like another ounce of gold. One dollar is the same as another dollar. Similarly, one bitcoin is just like another bitcoin. Non-Fungible, however, means that each token is unique and not interchangeable. Mainly because, in theory, no two artworks are the same. The token is an ID or certificate that is associated with each artwork. Learn more about NFTs at Review NFT.

Summing Up

Conclusively, an NFT is an overly-complicated way of saying non-interchangeable certificates or something along those lines. NFTs are a great way of buying, selling, or owning digital art. An NFT allows you to claim ownership of the literal digital file itself, which is more interesting for the collectors. This opens a whole new world for digital artists, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s here to stay.

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